Real Face of Islam

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The Real Face of Islam

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Sohail Barket Morris
August 14, 2010


  • In Islam, a relationship without marriage is considered taboo, but female war prisoners are Halal (lawful).

  • In Islam, stealing is prohibited and the thief is punished by the decapitating of their hands, but war booty is Halal (lawful).

  • In Islam, there is full freedom to embrace Islam but whoever reverts from Islam (apostate) must be killed by any Muslim.

  • In Islam, Muslim men can marry with non-Muslim women but Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men.

  • In Islam, non-Muslims are prohibited to enter their holy places (Mecca etc) but they are allowed to go the holy places of other religions.

  • In Islam, if non-Muslim rapes a Muslim woman he is to be killed immediately by any Muslim, but if a Muslim rapes a non-Muslim woman he is not to be killed.

  • In Islam, Infidels (non-Muslim) can not be a witness against Muslims but Muslims can witness against non-Muslims.

According to all the above questions, how Muslims and non-Muslims can live together?

1: Fruits to Kill or Be Killed For Islam.

2: Consequences for Not Accepting Islam.

3: Why Muslims Hate Non Muslims?

4: Muhammad’s Justification.

Note: These verses are from the Holy Qur’an so keep this in a high and safe place. Do not throw these papers in respect to the Muslim faith.

Read the complete PDF article by click this link: The Real Face of Islam