Islamic Law & its Challenge To Western Civilization

Sovereign King
Sovereign Representative
Islam Supremacy
Prior Jurisprudence
Allegiance and obedience
Muslim Evolution
Religion and Nations
Ideological Conflict
Shari’a is key to understanding Islam


Most people in the West believe that Islam is a religion in the traditional sense of the word. However, this is a fateful misconception. Islam is not just a religion. It is much more than a religion. Muslims themselves describe their faith by saying, Islam is a Complete Way of Life. This is certainly a more apt description, because Islam is a religious, social, economic, educational, health, political, and philosophic way of life. In fact, Islam is an all-embracing socio-politico-religious utopian ideology that encompasses every field of human endeavor.

The Western view of religion is that a religion is a narrow aspect of life. It does not encompass all human affairs. Religion stands beside culture, economic, politics, and other human institutions. Westerners may differ on matters of religious faith, but they can work together in social, state, and economic affairs. The reason for this is that their respective religions don’t claim divine authority over the institutions of governance and economics. Their faiths may differ regarding the salvation of the soul, life after death, and religious rituals, but they don’t claim to have divine insight into the institutions of human government and its particular laws. As good citizens, they strive to have a just and equitable society.

Islam is different from other religions in that it is not limited to the spiritual aspects of life. It engulfs all aspects of life from the cradle to the grave. Islam claims to have a divine mandate over everyone, and this includes non-Muslims too. While non-Muslims may not be required to observe the religious rituals of Islam, they must recognize the supremacy of Islamic rule over them. As an ideology, Islam promises an economic, political, social, and religious utopia when the world finally submits to Allah and the rule of Shari’a law. The Islamic objective is to have all aspects of a nation’s culture and institutions undergo gradual Islamization to yield an Islamic state patterned after Shari’a Law.

The aim of the Islamic movement is to bring about somewhere in the world a new society wholeheartedly committed to the teachings of Islam in their totality and striving to abide by those teachings in its government, political, economic and social organizations, its relation with other states, its educational system and moral values and all other aspects of its way of life.

Sovereign King

From an Islamic legal perspective, there is no King but Allah, and He is the supreme ruler and legislator of the world. This is significant; because, since Allah is King, no earthly ruler has sufficient authority to legislate law. The reason for this is that sovereign authority belongs to Allah and His laws, and those laws were revealed to Muhammad in the seventh century. Muslims believe that the Qur’an and Sunnah are Allah’s final legislation for the world. Hence, according to true Islam, Shari’a law is the only law with divine approval and authority for the nations of the world.

The Qur’an states that Allah is the sovereign King of Mankind.

Therefore exalted be Allah, the King, the Reality: there is no god but He, the Lord of the Throne of Honour! Sura 23:116 (Yusuf Ali’s Translation)


فَتَعَالَى اللَّهُ الْمَلِكُ الْحَقُّ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا هُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْكَرِيمِ.
 سورة المؤمنون ٢٣: ١١٦


Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind,
The King (or Ruler) of Mankind,
The god (or judge) of Mankind,- Sura 114:1-3 (Yusuf Ali’s Translation)

قُلْ أَعُوذُ بِرَبِّ النَّاسِ
مَلِكِ النَّاسِ
إِلَهِ النَّاسِ
  سورة الناس
١١٤: ١-٣

Sovereign Representative

Under the kingship of Allah, a Muslim khalif or vicegerent enforces the law of Allah on the earth. The khalif is not like a king who has authority to create laws, because the laws of an Islamic state pre-exist in the Qur’an and Sunnah. As a result, Islamic rulers are not at liberty to create any law that would conflict with the principles of the Qur’an or Sunnah. The subordinate role of the khalif (amir or viceroy) is to serve under the authority of Allah as revealed by Muhammad.

Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: “I will create a vicegerent on earth.” They said: “Wilt Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood?- whilst we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy holy (name)?” He said: “I know what ye know not.” Sura 2:30 (Yusuf Ali’s Translation)

And when your Lord said to the angels, I am going to place in the earth a khalif, they said: What! wilt Thou place in it such as shall make mischief in it and shed blood, and we celebrate Thy praise and extol Thy holiness? He said: Surely I know what you do not know. Sura 2:30 (Shakir’s translation)

وَإِذْ قَالَ رَبُّكَ لِلْمَلاَئِكَةِ إِنِّي جَاعِلٌ فِي الأَرْضِ خَلِيفَةً قَالُواْ أَتَجْعَلُ فِيهَا مَن يُفْسِدُ فِيهَا وَيَسْفِكُ الدِّمَاء وَنَحْنُ نُسَبِّحُ بِحَمْدِكَ وَنُقَدِّسُ لَكَ قَالَ إِنِّي أَعْلَمُ مَا لاَ تَعْلَمُونَ.   سورة البقرة
٢: ٣٠

According to Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, a “vicegerent is a person appointed by a ruler or head of state to act as an administrative deputy. Having or exercising delegated power; acting by substitution, or in the place of another.” Thus, we see that an Islamic khalif is subordinate to the laws of Muhammad.

The Islamic State, like the whole of what one might call Islamic political psychology, views the Dar al-Islam (Abode of Islam) as one vast homogeneous commonwealth of people who have a common goal and a common destiny and who are guided by a common ideology in all matters both spiritual and temporal. The entire Muslim Ummah lives under the Shari’ah to which every member has to submit, with sovereignty belong to Allah.

Every Muslim who is capable and qualified to give a sound opinion on matters of Shari’ah, is entitled to interpret the law of Allah when such interpretation becomes necessary. In this sense Islamic policy is a democracy. But where an explicit command of Allah or his Prophet already exists, no Muslim leader or legislature, or any religious scholar can form an independent judgement; not even all the Muslims of the world put together have any right to make the least alteration in it.


The primary source of Shari’a law is the Qur’an itself. 3 This statement is supported in the text of the Qur’an, where we read that Allah sent down the Book of Truth (Qur’an) that it should judge between men. This means that the Qur’an is a source of judicial law to judge between men. And, according to the Qur’an, if anyone does not judge by this revelation, he is a wrong doer. The proscribed judgments in the Qur’an cannot be doubted, since they are supra-rationale and have to be accepted by faith. 

We have sent down to thee the Book in truth, that thou mightest judge between men, as guided by Allah: so be not (used) as an advocate by those who betray their trust; Sura 4:105 (Yusuf Ali’s Translation)

إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَا إِلَيْكَ الْكِتَابَ بِالْحَقِّ لِتَحْكُمَ بَيْنَ النَّاسِ بِمَا أَرَاكَ اللّهُ وَلاَ تَكُن لِّلْخَآئِنِينَ خَصِيمًا.   سورة النساء
٤: ١٠٥

…And if any fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed, they are (No better than) wrong-doers. Sura 5:45 (Yusuf Ali’s Translation)

وَكَتَبْنَا عَلَيْهِمْ فِيهَا أَنَّ النَّفْسَ بِالنَّفْسِ وَالْعَيْنَ بِالْعَيْنِ وَالأَنفَ بِالأَنفِ وَالأُذُنَ بِالأُذُنِ وَالسِّنَّ بِالسِّنِّ وَالْجُرُوحَ قِصَاصٌ فَمَن تَصَدَّقَ بِهِ فَهُوَ كَفَّارَةٌ لَّهُ وَمَن لَّمْ يَحْكُم بِمَا أنزَلَ اللّهُ فَأ ُوْلَـئِكَ هُمُ الظَّالِمُونَ.   سورة المائدة
٥: ٤٥

Say: “Shall I seek for judge other than Allah? – when He it is Who hath sent unto you the Book [Qur’an], explained in detail.” They know full well, to whom We have given the Book, that it hath been sent down from thy Lord in truth. Never be then of those who doubt. Sura 6:114 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

أَفَغَيْرَ اللّهِ أَبْتَغِي حَكَمًا وَهُوَ الَّذِي أَنَزَلَ إِلَيْكُمُ الْكِتَابَ مُفَصَّلاً وَالَّذِينَ آتَيْنَاهُمُ الْكِتَابَ يَعْلَمُونَ أَنَّهُ مُنَزَّلٌ مِّن رَّبِّكَ بِالْحَقِّ فَلاَ تَكُونَنَّ مِنَ الْمُمْتَرِينَ.   سورة الأنعام
٦: ١١٤

According to Islamic doctrine, Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets, meaning that he is the last prophet as well as the final revelation of Allah to humankind. Since Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets, there can be no further development in any judicial matters where the Qur’an and Sunnah provide guidance. Consequently, the Qur’an enshrines the tribal governance of 7th century Arabia into all law for all nations for all time.


The second source of Shari’a law is the Sunnah of Muhammad. The Sunnah is the rule of law that is found in the ancient traditions of Muhammad’s sayings and behavior. Sunnah means “a normative way of acting, conduct, practice, usage, rule, course, institution and behaviour.” The hadith (plural, ahadith) is a written record of the Sunnah of Muhammad. Ahmad Hasan wrote,

In fact hadith is the narration of the sayings, doings, and tacit approvals of the Prophet (peace be on him), while sunnah is the rule of law conveyed through the hadithHadith is a vehicle which conveys the sunnah of the Prophet. Hence one hadith may contain many sunnahs. Here sunnah means rule of law, practice, or model conduct of the Prophet (peace be on him), which is contained in a hadith.

The six major hadith collections are Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan At-Tirmidhi, Sunan An-Nisa’i, and Sunan Ibn Majah. These collections are extensive works that preserve the details of the conduct and sayings of Muhammad. It can be rightly said that the ahadith contribute more to Islamic ideology than the Qur’an itself. So, they are vital sources to understand Islam.

The Qur’an states that Muhammad is “a beautiful pattern (of conduct).” As a result, Muslims believe that Muhammad is the ideal prototype of a perfect man, and Muslims look to his sayings and behavior for guidance in their day-to-day lives. Muslims believe that all hope in Allah and the Final day finds its answer in Muhammad. For a Muslim, Muhammad’s sayings and conduct sweep aside the light of reason, conscience, and nature as guides for human conduct.

Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of Allah. Sura Al-Ahzab 33:21 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

لَقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِي رَسُولِ اللَّهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ لِّمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو اللَّهَ وَالْيَوْمَ الْآخِرَ وَذَكَرَ اللَّهَ كَثِيرًا.   سورة الأحزاب
٣٣: ٢١

Since the hadithic literature records the life and sayings of Muhammad, it provides the foundation for Shari’a law and Islamic ideology. Without a study of the ahadith, it is impossible to have an accurate understanding of Islam and its laws. This later thought can hardly be overstated. Too often, when Westerners want to learn about Islam, they only study the Qur’an, and they ignore the more informative ahadith.

Islam Supremacy

Muhammad proclaimed that the “Religion of Truth” (Islam) is supreme over all other religions and that it is a guide to every people. In other words, Islam has a divine mandate to be supreme over the world’s religions. In addition, it is a guide to everyone in all human affairs. This broad mandate is to be enforced, even though it is detested by pagans.

Muslims believe that all the true prophets of Allah, such as, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus, were Muslims who taught the religion of Islam. They further believe that Muhammad’s mission was to re-establish the original religion of Islam, because it had been corrupted by Jews and Christians. So, from a Muslim’s perspective, there was no need for Jews and Christians to detest Islam, because it was allegedly the religion of their own prophets. By contrast, pagan religions were always considered false, so they would naturally detest Islam.

In Sura 9:33-34 we read that Muhammad was Allah’s Messenger with guidance and the “Religion of Truth” (Islam). It notes that pagans would detest Islam, and the verse continues its argument by alleging that the Jewish rabbis and Christian monks engaged in corrupt practices. The inference is that, if Jews and Christians would not accept Islam, their rejection came because they preferred their corrupt practices. Muhammad believed that, just as the Jews of the Old Testament disobeyed their ancient prophets, the Arabian Jews would naturally rejected his prophethood too. Consequently, Muhammad warned the Jewish and Christian leaders that they would face a painful doom during the Judgment of the Last Day.

It is He Who hath sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it). Sura 9:33 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

O ye who believe! Lo! many of the (Jewish) rabbis and the (Christian) monks devour the wealth of mankind wantonly and debar (men) from the way of Allah. They who hoard up gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah, unto them give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful doom, Sura 9:34 (Pickthal’s translation)

هُوَ الَّذِي أَرْسَلَ رَسُولَهُ بِالْهُدَى وَدِينِ الْحَقِّ لِيُظْهِرَهُ عَلَى الدِّينِ كُلِّهِ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ الْمُشْرِكُونَ
يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ إِنَّ كَثِيرًا مِّنَ الأَحْبَارِ وَالرُّهْبَانِ لَيَأْكُلُونَ أَمْوَالَ النَّاسِ بِالْبَاطِلِ وَيَصُدُّونَ عَن سَبِيلِ اللّهِ وَالَّذِينَ يَكْنِزُونَ الذَّهَبَ وَالْفِضَّةَ وَلاَ يُنفِقُونَهَا فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ فَبَشِّرْهُم بِعَذَابٍ أَلِيمٍ.
  سورة التوبة
٩: ٣٣-٣٤

And the Unbelievers say: “Why is not a sign sent down to him from his Lord?” But thou art truly a warner, and to every people a guide. Sura 13:7 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

وَيَقُولُ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ لَوْلآ أُنزِلَ عَلَيْهِ آيَةٌ مِّن رَّبِّهِ إِنَّمَا أَنتَ مُنذِرٌ وَلِكُلِّ قَوْمٍ هَادٍ.   سورة الرعد
١٣: ٧

Prior Jurisprudence

The Qur’an disposes of all jurisprudence outside the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The days of ignorance (jaahiliyyah) refer to the times before Muhammad. Some Muslims argued that the verse negates all laws that were legislated on the basis of non-Islamic principles. The result is that no one can appeal to judicial precedence outside of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. From a Muslim’s perspective, Allah revealed his divine law in the Qur’an and in the life of Muhammad. As a result of this divine revelation, the so-called human laws of the nations have been abrogated by Muhammad’s revelation. In fact, it is rebellion against Allah’s supremacy to submit to a human law after Allah has issued afresh the divine code of conduct for humankind.

Do they then seek after a judgment of (the days of) ignorance? But who, for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgment than Allah? Sura 5:50 (Yusuf Ali’s Translation)

أَفَحُكْمَ الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ يَبْغُونَ وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ مِنَ اللّهِ حُكْمًا لِّقَوْمٍ يُوقِنُونَ.   سورة المائدة
٥: ٥٠

In addition, the Qur’an asserts that those who say they believe in the revelations that came before Muhammad wish to resort to the judgments of the Evil One, Satan, who seeks to lead humankind astray. The important revelations that came before Muhammad were the Old and New Testaments, and those who believed in these revelations were the Jews and Christians. Now notice Muhammad’s next move. Essentially, Muhammad said that religious hypocrites appeal to the Evil One when they seek the judgments of prior revelations.

Hast thou not turned Thy vision to those who declare that they believe in the revelations that have come to thee and to those before thee? Their (real) wish is to resort together for judgment (in their disputes) to the Evil One, though they were ordered to reject him. But Satan’s wish is to lead them astray far away (from the right). Sura 4:60 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

أَلَمْ تَرَ إِلَى الَّذِينَ يَزْعُمُونَ أَنَّهُمْ آمَنُواْ بِمَا أُنزِلَ إِلَيْكَ وَمَا أُنزِلَ مِن قَبْلِكَ يُرِيدُونَ أَن يَتَحَاكَمُواْ إِلَى الطَّاغُوتِ وَقَدْ أُمِرُواْ أَن يَكْفُرُواْ بِهِ وَيُرِيدُ الشَّيْطَانُ أَن يُضِلَّهُمْ ضَلاَلاً بَعِيدًا.   سورة النساء
٤: ٦٠

Hence, Muhammad abrogated all the prior prophets of Allah. And, the Qur’an teaches that resorting to the judgments of prior revelations was resorting to Satan’s judgments and wishes. Muslims believe that the only divine message that is valid for today was given by the Muhammad. So, Muslims believe the choice is between the rule of Allah or the rule of Satan. And, it is turning to Satan to appeal to revelations that came before the Qur’an. The Qur’an and Sunnah must be the exclusive foundation of law.


Allegiance and obedience

A Muslim owes his first allegiance to Allah and Muhammad, and it important to note that obedience to Muhammad is the same as obedience to Allah. Secondarily, a Muslim is charged with obeying those who have authority within the Ummah. If any question arise, the question needs to be referred to Allah and His Messenger for a final determination. And, if a khalif issues an order that contradicts a basic tenet of Islam, every Muslim must obey Allah instead of the khalif.

He who obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah. Sura 4:80 Yusuf Ali’s translation)

مَّنْ يُطِعِ الرَّسُولَ فَقَدْ أَطَاعَ اللّهَ وَمَن تَوَلَّى فَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ عَلَيْهِمْ حَفِيظًا.   سورة النساء
٤: ٨٠

O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you. If ye differ in anything among yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if ye do believe in Allah and the Last Day: That is best, and most suitable for final determination. Sura 4:59 (Yusuf Ali’s translation) 

قُلْ يَا أَهْلَ الْكِتَابِ هَلْ تَنقِمُونَ مِنَّا إِلاَّ أَنْ آمَنَّا بِاللّهِ وَمَا أُنزِلَ إِلَيْنَا وَمَا أُنزِلَ مِن قَبْلُ وَأَنَّ أَكْثَرَكُمْ فَاسِقُونَ.   سورة المائدة
٥: ٥٩

If a Muslim does not implicitly trust the Sunnah of Muhammad, he does not have real faith in Islam. There can to be no inner psychological resistance to Islamic ideology. The danger of inner resistance to Muhammad’s guidance in any of life’s affairs is the danger of landing in the fires of Hell. This is a powerful psychological force to submit blindly to Shari’a law.

But no, by the Lord, they can have no (real) Faith, until they make thee judge in all disputes between them, and find in their souls no resistance against Thy decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction. Sura 4:65 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

فِيمَا شَجَرَ بَيْنَهُمْ ثُمَّ لاَ يَجِدُواْ فِي أَنفُسِهِمْ حَرَجًا مِّمَّا قَضَيْتَ وَيُسَلِّمُواْ تَسْلِيمًا.  سورة النساء ٤‏: ٦٥

If anyone contends with the Messenger even after guidance has been plainly conveyed to him, and follows a path other than that becoming to men of Faith, We shall leave him in the path he has chosen, and land him in Hell,- what an evil refuge! Sura 4:115 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

وَمَن يُشَاقِقِ الرَّسُولَ مِن بَعْدِ مَا تَبَيَّنَ لَهُ الْهُدَى وَيَتَّبِعْ غَيْرَ سَبِيلِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ نُوَلِّهِ مَا تَوَلَّى وَنُصْلِهِ جَهَنَّمَ وَسَاءتْ مَصِيرًا. سورة النساء ٤‏: ١١٥

It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision: if any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path. Sura 33:36 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

وَمَا كَانَ لِمُؤْمِنٍ وَلَا مُؤْمِنَةٍ إِذَا قَضَى اللَّهُ وَرَسُولُهُ أَمْرًا أَن يَكُونَ لَهُمُ الْخِيَرَةُ مِنْ أَمْرِهِمْ وَمَن يَعْصِ اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ فَقَدْ ضَلَّ ضَلَالًا مُّبِينًا.   سورة الأحزاب
٣٣: ٣٦

Muslim Evolution

Islamic ideology asserts that Muslims are the most highly evolved specimens of humanity. Their advanced evolutionary state places them on a higher plane than everyone else, and it burdens them with the special duty of enjoining humanity to a attain a divine standard of morality. 

In their task of enjoining Islam upon the world, the People [Jews and Christians] of the Book [Bible] will be the people who make their task most difficult, because most Jews and Christians, according to the Qur’an, are perverted transgressors. So, while Muslims seek to promote the right and forbid the wrong, Muhammad believed that the People of the Book would confront the Islamic message with perversions and falsehoods. He felt that Jews and Christians would be the ones who would prove to be the most opposed to an Islamic government with its Qur’anic constitution and Shari’a legal system.

Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors. Sura 3:111 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

لَن يَضُرُّوكُمْ إِلاَّ أَذًى وَإِن يُقَاتِلُوكُمْ يُوَلُّوكُمُ الأَدُبَارَ ثُمَّ لاَ يُنصَرُونَ.   سورة آل عمران
٣: ١١١

Essentially, Muslims believe that a democratic system of government is an evil legal system, because its fundamental principle is that man is sovereign over his affairs. This principle conflicts with the principle that Allah is sovereign King of the worlds. Orthodox Muslims argue that only Islam recognizes Allah’s divine right to rule. 

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good). Sura 3:85 (Yusuf Ali’s translation)

وَمَن يَبْتَغِ غَيْرَ الإِسْلاَمِ دِينًا فَلَن يُقْبَلَ مِنْهُ وَهُوَ فِي الآخِرَةِ مِنَ الْخَاسِرِينَ.   سورة آل عمران
٣: ٨٥

Religion and Nations

Westerners think mistakenly that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are similar religions that hold slightly different doctrines about salvation and God’s nature. This is a profound mistake. The sacred texts of these religions make very different statements about government, economics, and nations.

Judaism. In the Old Testament, Yahweh [Jehovah] gave the people of Israel the land of Canaan, which is a very small portion of land between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. He gave them the land of Canaan in a covenant forever. Even when Israel was driven from their land because of their unfaithfulness and was occupied by others, the land still remained theirs by covenant. In fact, Yahweh promised to bring them back to their promised land in the Last Days.

The Torah of Moses contains the laws of Yahweh that are just for the people of Israel.

He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded, for a thousand generations,
the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.
He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant:
“To you I will give the land of Canaan as the portion you will inherit.” 1 Chronicles 16:15-18 (NIV)


اذكروا الى الابد عهده. الكلمة التي اوصى بها الى الف جيل.
الذي قطعه مع ابراهيم. وقسمه لاسحق.
وقد اقامه ليعقوب فريضة ولاسرائيل عهدا ابديا.
قائلا لك اعطي ارض كنعان حبل ميراثكم.
أخبار الأيام الأول ١٦: ١٥-١٨


And say to them, This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. Ezekiel 37:21 (NIV)

وقل لهم. هكذا قال السيد الرب. هانذا آخذ بني اسرائيل من بين الامم التي ذهبوا اليها واجمعهم من كل ناحية وآتي بهم الى ارضهم. حزقيال ٣٧: ٢١

And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written: “The deliverer will come from Zion; he will turn godlessness away from Jacob. And this is my covenant with them when I take away their sins.” Romans 11:26-27 (NIV)

وهكذا سيخلص جميع اسرائيل. كما هو مكتوب سيخرج من صهيون المنقذ ويرد الفجور عن يعقوب. وهذا هو العهد من قبلي لهم متى نزعت خطاياهم. رومية ١١: ٢٦-٢٧

Christianity. In the New Testament, God did not give the Christian church a special land, a national government, or an economic system. Although Christians, as national citizens, may participate in human governments, they have no special privileges. The New Testament instructs Christians to obey their national government, except when a government legislates in purely spiritual matters. Consequently, religion and politics are separated.

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Romans 13:1 (NIV)


لتخضع كل نفس للسلاطين الفائقة. لانه ليس سلطان الا من الله والسلاطين الكائنة هي مرتبة من الله. رومية ١٣: ١


… Then he said to them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” Matthew 22:21 (NIV)

Islam. The Qur’an and Sunnah of Muhammad claim Islam’s supremacy over the world in all of its affairs: — Islam is a Complete Way of Life. This includes government, economics, religion, dietary laws, and social norms. Since Muslims believe the prophethood of Muhammad is universal, the objective of Islam is to have the entire world live in submission to Shari’a law.

Judaism’s territorial claim is land of Canaan that is less than 13,000 square miles, while Saudi Arabia is a vast 865,000 square miles. For comparison purposes, San Bernadino County in California is over 20,000 square miles and is much larger than the nation of Israel itself. Muslims will never tell you the Qur’an says that Allah assigned the Holy Land of Palestine to Israel.

Remember Moses said to his people: “O my people! Call in remembrance the favour of Allah unto you, when He produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave you what He had not given to any other among the peoples. “O my people! Enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.” Sura 5:20-21 (Yusuf Ali’s translation) 


وَإِذْ قَالَ مُوسَى لِقَوْمِهِ يَا قَوْمِ اذْكُرُواْ نِعْمَةَ اللّهِ عَلَيْكُمْ إِذْ جَعَلَ فِيكُمْ أَنبِيَاء وَجَعَلَكُم مُّلُوكًا وَآتَاكُم مَّا لَمْ يُؤْتِ أَحَدًا مِّن الْعَالَمِينَ
يَا قَوْمِ ادْخُلُوا الأَرْضَ المُقَدَّسَةَ الَّتِي كَتَبَ اللّهُ لَكُمْ وَلاَ تَرْتَدُّوا عَلَى أَدْبَارِكُمْ فَتَنقَلِبُوا خَاسِرِينَ.
  سورة المائدة
٥: ٢٠-٢١


Thus, the millions of Muslims who do not support Israel’s re-occupation of its own covenantal land oppose the Qur’an as well as the Old and New Testament scriptures.

Some Muslims argue that the Vatican in Rome is a full-fledged Christian nation. However, it is simply the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Its size is 0.4 square miles or about the size of a large shopping mall. So, it is ridiculous to think that the Vatican is a nation in the traditional sense of the word. The New Testament provides no theological basis for a Christian national territory.

It is vital to note that Islam is the only monotheistic religion that seeks to become a socio-politico-religious world dominating power. Judaism and Christianity have no scriptural basis to impose their religious laws upon the governments of the world.

Ideological conflict

Islam is an ideology that claims divine authority in all religious, economic, and political affairs of life. So, naturally it follows that Islam would be in direct conflict with democracy, capitalism, liberalism, socialism, and all the other non-Islamic systems of government, jurisprudence, and economics.

The greatest threat to Islam is not Christianity, per se. Islam’s target is the entire Western world and its legal system. Those who live in Western societies don’t understand why Islamic fundamentalists are so opposed to the West. Perhaps, they have studied the five pillars of Islam and viewed a colorful video of the Hajj. This type of study would never give them an accurate picture of Islam’s global objectives. Westerners ought to realize that Islamic ideology is in direct conflict with the Western system of thought and ideals.

From an Islamic perspective, the very fact that Western nations have greater freedom, wealth, and military power increases their criticism of Western societies. Islamic fundamentalists go to great length to prove that Western societies are evil, decadent, immoral, corrupt, brutal, violent, oppressive, etc. While there is immoral behavior in Western societies, they feel obliged to prove that the West is the source of all the world’s evils. This virulent criticism of the West is motivated by the desire to make Islam appear virtuous while blaming their own faults upon Western alleged oppression. The West becomes a convenient excuse for their own poverty, nepotism, bribery, corruption, immorality, lack of social progress, tyrannical and corrupt leaders, and failed Islamic ideology. Their strident criticism is an important psychological tool to keep young Muslim thinkers from evaluating objectively the faults of Muhammad’s teachings and the resultant Islamic ideology. In its own right, Shari’a law is a backward, oppressive, and discriminatory legal system.

Shari'a is key to understanding Islam

Shari’a law 6,7 is the key to understanding Islamic ideology, government, economics, and social institutions. It is the basis for Islamic fundamentalism’s disagreement with Western thought, and it encapsulates the ideology of Islam that is found in the Qur’an and Sunnah. Shari’a brings Islamic theology down to a person’s everyday life. The objective of Islamic ideology is to have everyone in the world governed by Shari’a law. Muslims believe this law expresses the universal will of Allah for humankind. They think they have an holy obligation to impose it upon all the nations of the world.

We believe that Shariah should be used as a standard of test of validity of all positive laws. The essence of advocating for the application of Shariah is its ethics, once these can be incorporated to any system of law, such law is Islamic law. So the Shariah ethic should be set up as a standard of values to which all law must be compiled with. Any law that is inconsistent or in conflict with this value should be null and void. This is the only way in my view that Shariah can be use today. No only be the Muslim, but by all humanity. The earlier the Muslim can be thinking of this line, the sooner they can be able to contribute to the shaping of the 21st century of the Christian era.8

Following on from Islam’s conceptual dissolution of the ‘spiritual’ and ‘material’ domains, is the salient reality that Islam is an inherently political doctrine. Sheikh Nabahanni, the famous jurist and political thinker of our age, quite aptly described the Shahada as a simultaneously spiritual and political doctrine. It is spiritual for the obvious reason that it is firmly rooted in the belief in Allah, but of equal political significance because Allah alone is the sovereign law maker. Politics is therefore not part of Islam, for this denotes that in origin it is a distinctly separate sphere of existence which is then eventually amalgamated with Islam; politics is the inherent core of the Islamic imperative of Allah’s sovereignty – Islam thus cannot be described except in political terms.


In order for Western peoples to understand Islam, they have to realize that Islam is more than a spiritual belief system. It is an all-encompassing ideology that seeks to regulate the world’s political affairs according to Shari’a law. Islam conflicts with Western ideals of government and social order; and, because of the West’s freedom, education, wealth, and military power, Islamic fundamentalism sees the West as its greatest obstacle to world leadership. Islamic fundamentalists find the West hindering its objectives in Africa, Southeast Asia, Palestine, and other parts of the world. Until the West understands the full scope and intent of Islamic political ideology, they will not understand Islamic fundamentalism’s objectives. Typically, Western leaders think Islam is a just a competitor of Judaism and Christianity. However, Shari’a law gives a clear insight into Islam’s objectives for the world’s political and social order. Islam challenges Western civilization itself, because it is a Complete Way of Life 10 — and its Shari’a Law is not compatible with Western ideals and civilization.